Your Life Force Energy
Chakra    Definitions
The word chakra is derived from the Sankrit word meaning ‘wheel’.  If we were able to
‘see’ the chakras we would observe a wheel of energy continuously rotating.  
Clairvoyants and psychics perceive chakras as colorful spinning wheels.  The chakras
begin at the base of the spine and finish at the top of the head.  Though fixed in the
central spinal column they are in pairs, located at the front and back of the body, and
work through it.  The only exception to this is the Root Chakra which is a single Chakra.

The chakras of the human body are subtle energy centers.  The 7 major chakras act as
receivers and transmitters for energy.  Each chakra functions on physical, emotional
and spiritual levels.  Maintaining chakra balance is the key to health and well being.   
When a chakra is cleared and functional, it performs  completely, processing energy
and provides this energy to the physical organs of the body.  

When a chakra is blocked, it becomes dysfunctional.  This may happen when we
experience fear, stress, anger, guilt and traumatic events in our lives.  If energy is not
flowing freely through the energy centers, physical problems may develop and further
block,  or shut down the chakras.  Because the chakras work together as a system, a
block of functioning in one may have an overall effect on all.

Chakra clearing will help direct the proper flow, promoting energy  balance.  Healthy
chakras can enhance general emotional and physical well-being and can be achieved
by energy that is a constant smooth flow, refreshed and vitalized.
Colors can have an impact on our body’s energies.  They can help clear negative emotions,
energy and restore balance.  Each color is associated with a different energy chakra in the body.